Hors d’ Oeuvres

Cold Hors d’Oeuvres

Cold Selections Price Per Person
Pork & Seeds $3.00
Decorated Stuffed Eggs $2.00
Sky Roller Pinwheels (Ham, Turkey Or Veggie) $2.00
Veggies and Dip $2.50
Fruit Display $3.00
Assorted Cheese and Crackers $3.00
Spinach Dip with Sourdough Toasts $1.75
Assorted Meats and Cheese with Crackers $3.25
Assorted Meats and Cheese with Rolls and Condiments $4.00
Assorted Cheese and Fruit with Crackers $3.25
Tortilla Chips and Salsa Medley $1.00
Potato Chips and Dip $1.00
Layered South of The Border Dip with Chips $2.25
Smoked Salmon Display $4.00
Shrimp Display $4.00
Smoked Salmon Cucumber Canapes $2.75
Hummus with Pita Points $2.25
Cristini w/Goat Cheese, Candied Walnuts & Olive Oil Drizzle $2.25
Yellow Tail Nachos with Wasabi Cream $3.75

Hot Hors d’Oeuvres

Hot Selections Price Per Person
Meatballs: Choose BBQ, Sweet and Sour, Teriyaki $2.25
Wings: Choose Buffalo, BBQ or Teriyaki $3.00
Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips or Sourdough Toasts $2.50
Taquitos with Picante Ranch Dip $2.25
Eggrolls with Honey Mustard $2.75
Pot Stickers with Lemon Ginger Sauce $2.75
Stuffed Mushrooms Florentine $2.50
Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Cilantro Aioli $4.75
Carved Roast Sirloin, Turkey or Pit Ham with Roll and Condiments $4.25
Mini Ruebens $2.75
BBQ Little Smokies with Fried Onions $2.25
Chicken Skewers with Thai Peanut Sauce Dip (1) $2.50 (2) $3.75
Mini Crab Cake on Sweet Potato Chip $3.75
Classic cheeseburger, Bleu Cheese & Peppered Bacon or Pulled Pork
Potato Skins with Melted Cheddar, Bacon Bits and Sour Cream $2.00


Salads Price Per Person
Artichoke Pasta Salad $1.25
Potato Salad $1.25
Big Sky Slaw $1.25
Sour Cream Cheddar $1.25
Macaroni Salad $1.25
Red Potato Salad $1.25
Summer Salad $1.25
Marinated Cucumber Salad $1.25


Desserts Price Per Person
Cookies $1.00
Brownies $1.25
Carrot Cake $1.25
Cheese Cake with Fruit Topping $2.75
Assorted Gourmet Dessert Bars $2.75
Cobbler à la Mode $2.75
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